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   As a cross country truck driver I got  to see a lot of country from the road. As of December 2021 it is now 10 years since I retired. The bus I am converting, a 1991 Bluebird school bus, is still in the building stage. I don’t go crazy working on it, usually a couple hours a day. The major systems are in place and have been working well for the last few years. Still to do are the small things like finishing the cabinets. These things are never totally finished.

   Mumsywumsy and I have done some traveling and have enjoyed having our “home” with us. Kate and Molly, our dogs have crossed over the rainbow bridge and will be waiting for us to continue our journeys.

   We also enjoy our real home and much of the summer months is spent maintaining the 20 acre “yard”.

    This website is to document both the building of the bus, and hopefully some stories about our travels. It also has details about the two buses that my son is  converting to motor homes. A 1992 MCI MC12 and a 1956 GM Scenicruiser.  (PD4501-805)

There are also pages about other things that I enjoy and am learning how to do.

Putting up the Flag