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GPS unit with MPH and multiple trip meters. This is an ongoing project that is to the point that I need to be able to actually take it somewhere. I built this case to house the components with a little extra room for more. Still a lot to figure out and a lot of programming to figure out. It can be powered through the USB cable, a battery pack, or plugged into a car.


Case with battery pack

LCD screen,voltage regulator,GPS unit with Arduino UNO  underneath

Since it will be plugged into an automotive charging system, I built this voltage regulator to make the voltage a constant 6.5 volts.

Detail of GPS and wiring.

Backside showing from left to right. USB port for programming, UNO DC jack,external GPS antenna jack and DC input jack that goes to the voltage regulator.


Top and bottom detail of PCB I made for the voltage regulator.